Drilling & Completion Chemicals

Oleon brings you the green chemistry of the future, today.

Solvchem is the Canadian oilfield distributor for Oleon, Europe’s leading producer of oleochemicals. Oleon specializes in converting natural fats and oils into a wide range of oleochemical products, such as fatty acids, glycerine, esters, dimers, technical oils, specialty oleochemicals, and biodiesel. Its products are made from renewable raw materials, combining high performance with ready biodegradability.

We supply the following products from Oleon:

  • Lubricants
  • Synthetic Base Oils
  • Anti-Accretion Agents: ROP Enhancers & Bit Balling Prevention
  • Primary and Secondary Emulsifiers
  • Direct Emulsion Emulsifiers
  • Reservoir Activators:
    Formation Damage Prevention & Production Enhancement
  • Rheology Modifiers
  • Shale Inhibitors
  • Well Cleanup Additives

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