Wellbore Shielding Solutions

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Proven Prevention Against Losses & Formation Damage

Our partner Impact is a recognized leader in Wellbore Shielding®, the advanced science behind FLC® and STAR SHIELD® drilling fluid additives. Wellbore Shielding represents a preventative approach to wellbore stability challenges, protecting against fluid and cement losses and formation damage in depleted and mechanically weak formations. Unlike traditional approaches to wellbore stability issues, which are generally reactive, these uniquely engineered solutions reduce non-productive time and total well costs while helping operators increase ultimate recoveries.

In both drilling fluids and our spacer systems, Impact’s proprietary Wellbore Shielding chemistry works the same way: by forming a thin, low-permeability barrier on the face of the formation. This “shield” minimizes fluid and pressure invasion into matrix pores and microfractures to:

  • Stabilize and strengthen the wellbore
  • Minimize losses and formation damage
  • Protect against lost circulation
  • Extend the fracture gradient

This preventative approach to wellbore stability challenges has delivered problem-free drilling and successful primary cementing operations in thousands of wells in troublesome formations worldwide.

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